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Stop the Palmetto Pipeline!

This is our land, this is our environment and we intend to protect our rights through educating the public to the truth about Kinder Morgan.

Our Land Needs Us!

The landowners have partnered with the Savannah Riverkeeper’s Push Back the Pipeline initiative.  Please consider donating to this cause.

Who and Why?

Landowners of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida are banding together to fight Kinder Morgan’s proposed Palmetto Pipeline. Our goal is to stop their attempt to abusively use eminent domain and scare tactics for their own private, financial gain and to stop the un-needed pipeline from being approved by the government.


There are many facets to this situation. This site is intended to educate landowners and citizens to the environmental, business and personal detriments that the proposed pipeline will inflict upon taxpayers of today and the implications for our future generations.

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What are my rights as a property owner?

You have a voice when it comes to eminent domain.

All Pipes Leak.

Just ask those living along the Plantation pipeline, and the 4,400 residents of Belton, SC who’s land and environmental habitats will never be the same.  Over 300,000 gallons of oil spilled in December of 2014, causing destruction of property, habitats and ongoing safety monitoring.

Water at Risk

The Palmetto Pipeline will run through ALL of Georgia’s River Basins that drain into the Atlantic Ocean and the Okefenokee Watershed.  

Dangerous Fuel

The proposed Palmetto Pipeline will carry refined fuel and most recently, the CEO of Kinder Morgan mentioned jet fuel, a highly toxic substances that if leaked it could reach the Floridan Aquifer System causing irreversible damage. 

Eminent Domain Abuse

Pipelines require permanent easements of 50-100 feet which owners can no longer build or plant.  

At What Cost? Pipelines, Pollution and Eminent Domain In the Rural South

The documentary trailer.

Over 300k gallons Leaked in Belton, SC


Less than 15% of the proposed pipeline will be used in South.


Declining fuel consumption in Georgia and Florida.

Miles of our Land and environment will be used for the proposed pipeline.

What is awaiting 396 landowner's property if the pipeline goes through.

Want to know more?

Below are the latest articles about Kinder Morgan and the proposed Palmetto Pipeline.

Landowners form a pipeline rebellion in the Deep South

By Jenny Jarvie, Los Angeles Times

“I’m trying to protect something that was passed on to me,” said Georgia resident Jimmy Helmly, who opposes the pipeline. “People from away from here, with no ties, just want to make a dollar. I understand. I believe in American capitalism. But why should I sacrifice so you can make billions?”

Kinder Morgan’s misinformation campaign

By KATHRYN R. EISEMAN- Commonwealth Magazine

When faced with fear-mongering industry claims that without the pipeline we will be left “freezing in the dark” or face “economic devastation,” our neighbors say, “I don’t believe in your ‘energy crisis’ – we need market reforms and grid modernization, not this mammoth pipeline you’re hawking.”

Palmetto Pipeline surveyors charged with trespassing

By Mary Landers – The Augusta Chronicle

“Mr. Horn then made the comment: ‘You can’t stop the pipeline; they have enough money to push the pipeline through the county,’ ” Helms’ incident report says.”

Mayor's office helped arrange Kinder Morgan gift

By Susan McCord – The Augusta Chronicle

Kinder Morgan has peppered communities with offers of gifts along a 210-mile route for a proposed petroleum pipeline through Georgia. The Georgia De­part­ment of Transportation denied the firm a certificate of need required to condemn private property.

Georgia’s governor won’t support Palmetto Pipeline plan

By Greg Bluestein – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“It’s one of those issues that’s very controversial, and up to this point in time, the state has had very little input,” said Deal. “We should not, at this point in time, agree to the process.”

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